Ms. Rhodes (Registrar)

Ms. Linda Andrews-Rhodes
[email protected]

Ms. Andrews-Rhodes Business Card

Office of the Registrar
Westside High School - Macon, GA

Office Hours 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

For student withdrawals, transfers, and enrollments -  Please look in "Important Information" (below) to start the process for new students, transfers, or withdrawals. Once you have completed the online information on the web site, the Registrar will contact you to schedule an appointment.
For all other needs, please call the school at (478) 779-3800  or Email for an APPOINTMENT.
We want to avoid the need for you to make multiple trips to the school, so please call ahead to ensure timely personal service and to review needed documentation.

New Students || Transfers || Withdrawals

Please look at the sections below, and follow the directions in the section that best describes the needs of you or your student(s).
NOTE: Any documents not uploaded for your online applications will need to be provided to Westside’s Registrar prior to enrollment -  PLEASE be sure you have scheduled an appointment and know the documentation you should bring to avoid the need for a return visit.  Thank you!

èNEW STUDENTS coming from a school OUTSIDE the Bibb County School District, or a private/charter school will need to go to > look for the Parent tab > scroll down to New Student Registration and follow the instructions. Please scan or photograph readable copies of residence and other information that is required. To ensure your application is complete, the Registrar will contact you when your online application is submitted, let you know if any documents are missing from your application, and schedule a personal appointment if needed.

èStudents TRANSFERRING from current enrollment in one Bibb County School to another Bibb County School can go through BCSD Parent Portal >> enter your new address and scan in your lease and a current utility bill. To ensure your information is complete, the Registrar will contact you when your online application is submitted, let you know if any documents are missing, and schedule a personal appointment if needed.

è CHANGE OF ADDRESS or RESIDENCE should start by going to BCSD Parent Portal  >> enter your new address and scan in your lease and a current utility bill. The pink affidavit form is notarized by appointment with Westside’s registrar and both parties have to sign in the form in the presence of a notary at time of the appointment.  Please bring a picture ID, lease or mortgage, and current utility bill.

è Student WITHDRAWALS from the BCSD School District please contact the previous school and be sure to return items such as books, devices, or technology belonging to the school. Also if you are transferring OUT OF the Bibb County School District you will need to take care of any fees you might have in order to receive transfer clearance and for the Registrar to provide transfer grades and other documentation to the new school system.  For more information, please go to > look for the Parent tab > scroll down to Transfers & Withdrawals.



è TRANSCRIPTS for Class of 2022 graduates   >> Transcripts for Georgia colleges or universities can be sent directly using your account.  For transcripts to be sent OUTSIDE of Georgia, submit a Transcript Request Form to Westside's Registrar using the Transcript Request Form.  This is ONLY for 2021-2022 graduates - there is a limit of 3 transcripts per student.

è TRANSCRIPTS for ALUMNI graduates - Class of 2021 or earlier >> Alumni students need to look on Bibb County website under Transcripts and Records for transcript request to be sent to any college or university. You can also contact BCSD Records Department for Ms. Kathy Hall-Gordon 478-779-2584 or 478-779-2021.


è Parents and guardians can print or view BUS INFORMATION and BUS NUMBERS by going to  > look for the Parent tab > scroll down to the Student Transportation Information (e-link) and put in your student’s ID (lunch #) > you will then see your student's bus information.


è  Work Permits for Westside students are processed by Westside's clerical department.   Please call the school at (478) 779-3800 for an appointment.

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